Take me somewhere

In 2016 I started to work in a collective group which is made up of people from diverse backgrounds, such as artists, philosophers, educators, archaeological studies, anthropology, ethnology. With a few members of that group I created an installation in the Shetland Island called Take me somewhere. The work consists of a cross-media installation that is produced in collaboration with the four other artists as well as invited guests. The installation is composed of diverse artefacts; letters, physiographical records, works on paper, archival documents, knit, maps and oral history, video, photos and these represent the collective approach we use to better understand the world around us. This work is based on an invitation to participate in a dialogue about site specific experiences, and how these might be translated and transmitted outside a particular place. This method appealed to me, especially the part of getting to know people through letters and then later meeting them to work on the installation. I met i.e. with the local knitting club in Lerwick.

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