Books and webpages

2017                 Artistic Actions for Sustainability: Potential of art in education for sustainability.Finland: Lapland University Press.

2014                 Go Green; A Family Guide to a Sustainable Lifestyle, Disney, USA (co-authored with Ellen Gunnarsdóttirand Gunndis Finnbogadóttir)

2014                 Verum Græn, fjölskyldubók um sjálfbæran lífstíl, Edda, Iceland(co-authored with Ellen Gunnarsdóttirand Gunndis Finnbogadóttir)

2003                 Teaching material Íslenski listavefurinn. Ministry of Education Iceland

2001                 Teaching material Listavefur Krakka. Ministry of Education Iceland

Selected articles and book chapters

2018                 With A. Macdonald and Timo Jokela. Artistic Action for Sustainability:  Developing Practice-led and Art-Based Expertise through a Joint Degree  from Iceland and Finland In A. Sinner, T. Jokela., & R. Irwin (Eds.), PROVOKE: International Perspectives on Visual Arts Dissertations in Education. PP 198-212. Rovaniemi, Finland: Lapland University       

2017                 Art teachers’ education for environmental awareness: What is hidden in the nature that we have never seen or heard?In Visions for Sustainability,  Online Journal. Retrieved from:

2017                 With C. Antoniou Artistic Actions for Sustainability in Contemporary Art ExhibitionIn I. Birkiland, R. Burton, & C. P. Parra, (Eds.), Cultural Sustainability and the Nature-Culture Interface: Livelihoods, policies, and  methodologies.London: Routledge [Studies in Culture and Sustainable                                Development].

2017                 with I. Waage, A. Macdonald, G. Finnbogadóttir and G. Jóhannesdóttir –Take me somewhere: A timeless sense of place in the Shetland Islands In Relate North, Practicing place: Heritage, Art and Design for creative communities PP 164-176

2016                 Back in the Sandbox.In StaraRetrieved from:

2015                 Teaching and learning for sustainability: An Icelandic practice- based research. In International Journal of Education through Art, 11(3), 391-406.

2015                 With A. Macdonald. Human nature and Participatory Virtues in Art Education for Sustainability. in T. Jokela & G. Coutts (Eds.), Relate North: Art, heritage and identity (pp. 82-104). Rovaniemi: University of Lapland Press.

2015                 Challenge Exhibition catalogue, Arnes Art Museum. 

2013                 Making memories visible: A photographic exploration of cultural Sustainability.In T. Jokela, T. & G. Coutts, E.. (Eds.), E. Harkanen, & M. Huhmarniemi (Eds.). COOL: Applied visual arts in the north (pp.144-155).                        Rovaniemi: Publications of the Faculty of Art and Design of the University of                       Lapland. 

2013                 Art and place-based education for the understanding of sustainabilityInEducation in the North, 20(Special Issue), 90-105. 

2013                 Icelandic National curriculum chapter on art education.

2011                 Listir og sjálfbærni, Áhrifamáttur sjónlista í menntun til sjálfbærni [Art and sustainability. The potential of arts in ES]. In Netla