Inhale-exhale, 2016

Video installation at the Arktikum, museum and science centre in Rovaniemi, Finland. 

The video installation Inhale – exhale is built on visitors’ interaction. The work creates a setting for the viewer to open their attention to the present. The work requires the audience to observe their thoughts and feelings from a distance, without judging them good or bad. It focuses on the moment and on awakening to experience when following the rhythm of the breathing in the video installation, deep, slow, quiet and regular. Although breathing is involuntary, it occurs without our thinking about it. We also have some degree of control over our breathing, which is an interesting metaphor for the control we have over our life and actions.

Sit in a comfortable position, reasonably upright and relaxed, settle into your body and into the present moment. Bring to mind a place that naturally brings happiness to your heart. Let yourself feel what it’s like to be in that place Allow yourself to enjoy your memories. Sit quietly in your own body, savoring the good will and compassion that flows naturally from your own heart.

As you exhale, send out compassion to all living beings. Continue breathing compassion in and out. Try to set your self aside and give full attention to the other as an independent being or your place. Think of your and others experience of beauty in the place. Beauty does not only increase our sense of pleasure and well-being; it makes us human, for it helps us to understand ourselves and what it is to be a person connected with one’s environment and other beings. Occasionally scan your inner landscape for any distress and respond by inhaling compassion for yourself and exhaling compassion for those who need it.

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