Dialog with my Foremothers, 2016

Dialog with my foremothers reflects on Icelandic cultural identity, which is largely based on the country’s ever present and past nature. In the work the artist is interested in exploring the potential of shared cultural wisdom handed down through generations on how to live sustainably with a landscape, knowledge which is rapidly disappearing and is key to our survival and how one should learn to live more sustainably.

The work is immersed in the interconnectedness and complexity of art and life, humans and nature. How can we develope earth-centred relationship with the planet? Recognising the nature as an equal partner with humankind. Our ancestors focused on maintaining the balance within nature, the environment and the ecosystems.

Changing to earth-centered relationship with Nature instead of the prevailing human-centered paradigm. We need to rely on the most current scientific information to achieve sustainable development, in light of the fundamental interconnections between humanity and nature.

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