Value Archive, 2013 – , ongoing artist book, 40×40×40cm.

This art piece stems from my interest in memories and values. Memories and values shape our current behaviour and the way we perpetuate customs and traditions. I wanted to visually reflect on intrinsic values (figure 4.14), trying to understand how other people around me influence me and my everyday life. The work is created with the participation of a group of women. All of them have influenced my life in different ways. Some of them I know well and some I know only a little. But all of them are in a way my role models. Unconsciously, we classify, organize and memorialise events in our lives that we can connect to our values. In 2013 I sent a letter to 43 women and asked them to share in the creation of a book based on messages or knowledge they wanted to pass on to future generations. Now the pages are 49 equal to my age.